How to achieve deforestation-free pensions

The interactive ‘how-to’ guide provides a practical pathway for pension funds to eliminate deforestation, conversion, and associated human rights abuses from their portfolios.

Global Canopy, Make My Money Matter (MMMM), and SYSTEMIQ have created a guide, How to achieve deforestation-free pensions. It details how pension schemes can integrate deforestation-free requirements into agreements with asset managers, as well as how to work with asset managers on the need to engage with companies/investments.

It also provides guidance on how pension funds which directly finance companies/investments can identify, assess, and eliminate deforestation, conversion, and associated human rights abuses from their portfolios.

The guide was informed and shaped by a working group of 12 pension funds, including Aegon UK, Cushon, Environment Agency Pension Fund, London CIV, Nest, Phoenix Group, Scottish Widows, and Smart Pension.

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Using the interactive guidance

This guide has been designed to be used interactively, enabling you to see only the relevant guidance and save your place in the guidance for when you return.

  • To view the guide How to achieve deforestation-free pensions, you must select pension fund as your type of organisation.
  • You will also be asked to select which key criteria relate to your pension fund (e.g. whether or not you have trustees, or if you manage your own assets or use an asset manager). Ticking these statements will allow you to access the steps of the guidance that are most relevant to you and your pension fund.
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When logged in, you can access How to achieve deforestation-free pensions via your dashboard.

From here, you can access the introduction to the guide and its six Phases, from identifying where deforestation risks can be found in portfolios, to implementation and engaging to ensure funds are deforestation-free.

Bringing existing guidance together

This guide unites existing guidance – in particular the best practice for companies operating in forest-risk commodity supply chains as defined by the Accountability Framework initiative – and recommended datasets and tools in one place. It highlights at which point in the process each piece of guidance and data is most relevant.

Read this introduction as a PDF.

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